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  • Weight : 54 g
  • Size (cm) : 3,7 x 3,7 x 3,2 cm
  • Material : Aluminium / ABS




※產品圖片,可能會因為拍攝角度、環境、螢幕設定、燈光明暗等因素,而產    生色差,故請以實際收到貨品為準。



※如您因一時衝動而購買此商品 , (請勿拆封)

※請您注意 ! 您所退回的商品必須是不影響二次銷售之全新商品, 若商品有封膜、紙盒等特殊包裝,也需保持完整無任何毀損且全新未拆塑膠封膜的狀態。

Quaglio Simonelli


Quaglio Simonelli is more eager to make it the way they might be. Born out of a meeting between two designers, Andrea Quaglio and Manuela Simonelli, they common work is really fed by stories, a creative look at the surrounding world, mutations they would wish to induce: therefore they create familiar looking products contaminated by the unexpected and the poetical. Miami is the name of the collection: elegantly flying on nostalgic wings, an Art Deco stylistic wink meeting actual technical requirements. It preserves gracious powers through a transversal proposal. This series bears the precise signatures of an approach basing their practice - never to see things the way they are.


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